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Tokyo Shopping Paradise

Tiramisu Deluxe

Kushiage Restaurant. The art of Kushikatsu

This evening, we got down to a full Kushikatsu Omakase. The Kushikatsu, those delicious fried skewers are absolutely outstanding. Crunchy on the outside, a world of surprises in the inside… The mix of vegetables and meats or fish, wrapped in ginger or pickled vegetables… Continue Reading “Kushiage Restaurant. The art of Kushikatsu”

Death by Tofu in Shinjuku

“Tofu is a white, wobbly, rather tasteless meat substitution, in the western world typically consumed with a thick sauce, or better, submerged in some liquid.” THINK AGAIN… Today we had lunch at a very pretty, traditional, Japanese tofu restaurant located on the 4th floor of… Continue Reading “Death by Tofu in Shinjuku”

Gotta love these Manga stands. Part II

I just looooove this stuff!

Street Art

Even the sewage cover, in Tokyo, is art. Forged art in this case.

Dave. Day Two. In love…

Must I say more….

Happy? Then go lucky…

Because happy is not enough, a bit of luck (and lingerie it seems) makes it much better. So go get lucky, happily….

Dave. Day Two. Hanging…

Dave is hanging around the Tofu restaurant AGAIN!

Where is Dave?