Outing to Oviedo Lagoon, Bahia de Aguilas and (almost) Haiti

A big outing day from Casa Bonita: a boat ride to watch elegant pink flamingos in the green-colored lake surrounded by mangroves in the Jaragua National Park.

The kids, Nicole, Philippe and I also visited “The Beach”, Bahia de Aguilas, which was on Nicole’s longtime wish list of places-to-visit on DR –  it is labelled “one of the most beautiful beaches in the world”.  After a short boat ride from a beach restaurant, an indeed beautiful white sand beach with turquoise water! On the beach there was only two guests with a helicopter (!) besides us (without helicopter but with snorkel) and we had it to ourselves, enjoying a refreshing swim. 

After going back, driver Philippe made a wrong turn and we were almost entering the border of Haiti! We lost half an hour due to this and we ended up driving a rather dark road with lots of potholes, but thanks to our navigator Luca with GPS we safely arrived back to the hotel.

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