Treehouse Experience – Rancho Platón

A heavy zigzag on a rather uneven road, our 4×4 car swaying from left to right or vice versa leads all the way to Rancho Platon, our destination. Halfway to the hotel Yasuko decided to finish the journey on foot with Lia to enjoy the lush tropical forest and the mountain. They almost got lost. Nicole left to notes at crossroads to help the hikers to safely arrive at the hotel and rejoin the group.

Some treehouse rooms are hanging 15 meters and more from the ground in the middle of a lush tropical bamboo forest near a stream – a fantastic setting. The garden reminded us of the Bali Hyatt hotel where we both worked and met each other…

It’s a little paradise for small and big children: toboggan (particularly for toboggan-freak Nico), tubing in the river, small canyoning up to the hydro-electric source, horse riding (rather not-so-big horse for rather big Philippe – we all felt sorry for the poor horse!) and more…

Given that we stayed there mid-week without any other guests, the all-inclusive buffet became all-inclusive “à la carte”,  with plenty of waiting time.  It seems that the restaurant chef has never seen a pizza before and when we ordered three pizza for the six of us, he stuck all pizza together on top of each other, a kind of triple-decker pizza – the result of a creative cooking process. It was far from that crispy pizza which we were expecting to eat!  

For the way back home, the hotel staff suggested a different but better road. We ended up crossing a river which was a little adventure for some, a scary experience for the rest of us.

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