One-day Tour in North Vancouver

After our wonderful 9-day family cruise in South East Alaska, Phil and Ya headed to the north of Vancouver Island for a few hiking days in a remote and wild area. Yasuko is in heaven!

In the meantime, the rest of the crew (Mita, Zenon, Lia, Luca, Nicolas and Nicole) are spending 6 days in Vancouver.

Today we went to discover North Vancouver and its natural beauty. The scenery reminded us of Lake Walensee in Switzerland. Very similar but everything much wider.

Our first stop, the cute oceanfront village Deep Cove, only a 20 minutes drive from Downtown Vancouver, is the place where locals paddle, kayak, and spend the day at the beach. a very inviting place to spend a day off. We would have loved to stay longer.

Lynn Canyon, where we headed afterward was a rather crowded but beautiful dense pine forest with a suspension bridge. After queueing to cross the bridge, we had a nice 30 minutes hike together with our Rumanian guide Gabriel.

For lunch, we stoped at the Horseshoe Bay and had lunch at the world-famous fish and chips restaurant Troll’s, a family business since 1946. The fish was definitely great, but the chips didn’t knock us out.

We ended the day with a relaxing Sea to Sky Gondola ride in Squamish, a small town halfway between Vancouver and Whistler. Up, on the top of the mountain, we enjoyed a breathtaking view before we headed back to Downtown Vancouver. A lot of places in just one day, we normally prefer to travel slower, but it was a worthwhile trip to get a taste of the natural beauty of the northern part of Vancouver.

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