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Sanzen-in temple, Kyoto


Pierre and Yasuko going for some popular Japanese sweets. Warabi Mochi is that green rice based treat with a tea after taste. and Mitarashi Dango a water and rice flour dough coated with a sugar and soy sauce mix. Not my cup of tea… Continue Reading “Sweeeeets!”

Dave. Day Fourteen. Temple Day

Off to Sanzen-In Temple!

Ninomaru Goten

Scenes of Ninomaru Goten

Dave. Day Thirteen. Ninomaru Goten

Dave was off to visit the Ninomaru Castle in Kyoto.


… again. Well, everybody has his own way to remember things. Ours seems to be food. This time in a small restaurant in a small side street of Kyoto’s Ponto-cho Dori.

In the middle of Kyoto

… an oasis of piece and calm around Ponto-cho Dori.

Scenes of Kyoto

First day. First impressions.

A hole in the wall…

@ Kanazawa Castle

Tempura in Kyoto

It was time. One of the last items in our culinary lists was crossed out this evening. Love the lightness and freshness at the same time!