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Berninapass – Val Minor Hike

Berninapass (2307m) – Fuorcula Minor (2435m) – Val Minor – Bernina Lagalb  & Morteratsch Glacier / 7.5h / 7km / 200m up, 400 down / Relive It still amazes me that in Switzerland one can hop out of a train or bus and directly…

Caroline & Marius’ visit in Pany

Our friends Caroline & Marius came to see us in Pany for a couple of days. Eating, drinking, bathing, and walking was the program. And one day we also went up to Philippe’s favorite flying place Gafäll with its spectacular view of the majestic…

Hiking up to the Kinunuma Marshland

Kaniyu Onsen (1320m) to Kinu-numa  (2030m) // 8 km, 5 hours, 715 m altitude up and down After a complete, typical Japanese Ryokan breakfast with fish, natto and pickles (a bit too much for Philippe) and a quick morning dip in one of the…

Chūzenji Lake Morning Walk

We had a pleasant, short afternoon walk along the shore of Lake Chuzenji to the Tachiki Kannon Shrine

Chūzenji Lake Afternoon Hike

Yugawa onsen to Senjyogahara marshland to Ryuzu waterfall 10km, 3h30min Hunting for a lunch spot, we found a queue in front of a non-descriptive shop. It was a butcher turned into Tonkatsu restaurant, rated as No.1 lunch place in Chuzenji Lake.

Kyoto Trail, Higashiyama

Fushimi Inari – Mt. Shimizu (241m) – Higashiyama Sancho Park (220m) – Mt. Daimonji (465m) – Ginkaku Temple – Hiei (690m) // 25km, 8 hours I’m back at the Kyoto Trail again. Last December my mountain buddy Sano-san and I walked a northern part…

Bunkerwanderung, World War II Shelter Visit

Today’s walk is an unusual one. It takes place in the mountains surrounding Zurich but the main purpose of the visit is the Second World War shelters which are hidden in the middle of Uetliberg.

Snowshoe hike to Alp Valpun

Alp Valpun (1’800 m); Distance: 10km; 400m ascent /descent; 3.5 hours of walking Another sunny day with blue sky in pretty Prättigau.

Pany in heavy snow

In Pany, we were welcomed by the blue sky and heavy snow. The record high snow – for early January – blocked the garage, entrance door and with it, the access to the snow shovel!

The Kyoto Trail Hike: Day 2

Kyoto Trail – Kitayama-East Day 2 Ohara to Kurama After a delicious and substantial Japanese breakfast at our B&B and a pleasant chat with a friendly owner couple, we headed for Sanzen-In, another magnificent temple in Ohara.